Feeding: The Program that Changes Lives

Feeding Program for Orphans & Vulnerable Children Starvation is a grim reality for children around the world. Starvation not only takes lives but is also the culprit for disease, depression, suicide, and desperation which leads to crime, loss of energy, along with a wide range of health problems. The problem is increasing and taking [...]

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Re-visiting a Golden Heart

Re-visiting a Golden Heart His Eminence Archbishop Makarios of Kenya (known in the world as Andreas Tylirides), was born in Limassol in Cyprus. Archbishop Makarios can speak, apart from his native Greek, English, French, Russian, Italian, plus several African dialects He studied Theology at the Orthodox Theological Institute of St. Sergius in Paris from where [...]

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Impact of the Church on the Mission Centre

THE IMPACT OF THE CHURCH ON THE MISSION CENTRE & ORPHANAGE When Father Constantinos relocated to his current home in Njabini South Kinangop, there was no orthodoxy in the area. By virtual of his Christianity origin, he was brought up as an orthodox Christian and has never looked back. His inborn philosophy is to nurture [...]

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With Water, We Restore Hope

WITH WATER, WE RESTORE HOPE Building the foundation for so much more Imagine believing you would die before your community could drink clean water—burdened by an entire life of suffering. Animals defecate in the river where you gather water to drink, cook and clean. In the dry season, even this contaminated water is hard to [...]

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Poverty continue to exclude many from Accessing Education

Kenya has made many great advances, but poverty and prejudice continue to exclude many people from accessing the opportunity that is education. Kenya ranks among the more peaceful and most prosperous of African countries. It has experienced over 50 years of peaceful and stable government. It has also seen impressive economic expansion and stable growth. [...]

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